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Simple Juicing Recipes

So the key is combining these high yield fruits and veggies in a manner that are easy to prepare, efficient in juicing, and off course taste great!

I like to use cucumber as the base of most of my recipes since it’s not too strong of a flavor and easy to prepare.  I just quickly chop it according the opening of my juicer, and include skin and all.  The skin adds a bit more flavor that you may or may not enjoy, but for nutrition purposes and ease of use, I go for it skin and all.

Carrots and apples can be used separately or in combination to add sweetness to your recipe and does a great job of masking unpleasant flavors you might feel the skin of the cucumber might add.  I don’t even bother peeling the carrot for sake of being efficient.  Just do a good scrub down of the carrot being using it.  Same with apple, skin and all is the way to go.

Celery is another great high yield vegetable that is super easy to implement into your juicing recipes. Like the other fruits and vegetables mentioned above, celery also has a relatively long life in your refrigerator if stored correctly.

Here are a few examples of easy juicing recipes you can follow:

3 medium carrots
1 medium apple


2 medium carrots
1 medium apple
½ medium cucumber


4 medium carrots
4 celery stalks


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