As you know, the benefits ofbee pollen are significant and numerous.

It helps with endurance, fights cancer, lowers cholesterol, and is a known libido enhancer. But many don’t know that bee pollen works wonderfully well in controlling weight.

Bee pollen and weight control are not something most would believe, but due to its unique properties, it actually helps to “balance the imbalance” in body metabolism, which may be involved with abnormal weight gain.

So, how does bee pollen help you in losing weight? It stimulates your metabolic processes.

It ignites calorie burn and this alone is beneficial but there are other weight control benefits of bee pollen.

By itself, bee pollen is a low-calorie food. As mentioned in a previous article, beepollen is recommended to be taken in capsule form.beeSome, like myself, don’t like its chalky taste.

As mentioned, bee pollen doesn’t have many calories. It has about 90 calories per ounce, a miniscule amount. One of the main reasons bee pollen helps one to lose weight is because it has about 15 percent of lecithin by volume.

What is lecithin? If you’ll remember the 80s, lecithin gained quite a bit of notoriety in the weight loss industry as the “magic” cure to weight loss. Well, that was exaggerated but lecithin has some great properties.

It’s a substance that dissolves fat from your body.

Another secondary benefit of bee pollen it that is it shown to reduce cravings to unsavory foods. It has an element in it called phenylalanine.

Phenylalanine is an amino acid that is vital to the body. This in itself acts an an appetite supressant.

Specifically, it acts on your apestat, which is the control signal in your body that signals either hunger or fullness. End result? Bee pollen when taken regularly will regulate your appetite and you will lose weight naturally.

bee pollenOf course it goes without saying that you shouldn’t just take bee pollen to lose weight. Any weight loss activity should be a multi-pronged approach. You should combine aerobic exercise, eat better, i.e., more fruits and vegetables and less empty carbs, as well as perhaps engaging in weight training.

One food is not a magic pill although there are some foods that can qualify as “superfoods” like ginseng, cayenne pepper, bee pollen, gotu kola, ginkgo biloba and greens.

Yes, bee pollen is oftentimes called a “wonderfood” but it works best when combined with other proven activities.

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