Aspirin’s reputation has grown !!!


DEPRESSION, heart disease, dementia and now cancer could all be prevented by taking aspirin.

It costs just 1p a tablet, but Oxford scientists said this week that taking an aspirin a day can reduce your risk of cancer.

A study found the pills not only reduce the chances of contracting the illness, but also protect against it spreading.

Experts believe the evidence is so strong that, in future, the NHS watchdog NICE may issue guidelines advising doctors to prescribe it to cancer sufferers.

The research, involving 200,000 patients, found that aspirin can cut the risk of dying of cancer by 37 per cent if taken every day for five years. Aspirin works by suppressing the creation of prostaglandin, a hormone that carries information about pain to the brain. It was first sold as 1899 as a powder by the German firm Bayer.

Aspirin can clearly do more than banish headaches, though some experts believe it could do more harm than good.

Here, we look at some of the surprising uses.




SOME experts believe depression and inflammation could be linked after small studies found some depressed people have high levels of cytokines – naturally occurring chemicals with inflammatory properties – in the body.

So because it’s an anti-inflammatory drug, aspirin might be able to help.

One study followed 386 women for ten years – 22 developed depression after the age of 50.

Of these only one had taken aspirin.

But among those who did not develop depression, almost a third were taking it.




A KEY ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid, which is used in many of today’s off-the-shelf acne products.

Mix a tablet with water then rub the solution on to your skin.

Leave it on for two minutes, then rinse off.

This will dry your pimples out and your spots will go faster.

If you have normal or dry skin don’t try this more than once a week as you will lose too much moisture from your skin.



A COMMON cause of this is a tiny yeast called Pityroporum ovale, which lives on the scalp. Aspirin is a mild anti-fungal so it can help.

Crush two tablets and mix them with one serving of shampoo.

Apply the mixture to your hair and leave for about two minutes so it can settle on your scalp.

Rinse it off and shampoo your hair again.





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