There will be nutrient and caloric variance in apples depending on many variables such as what is the species of the apple and where the apples are grown.  For example a Granny Smith apple will be different than a Red Delicious variety.

Where the fruit is grown also comes into play with such variables as minerals in the soil the trees are grown in, which can affect mineral content of the apples when mature. For example an apple grown in northern California will have a slightly different make up than a similar type of and variety of apple grown in New Zealand.

Apples are a good source of many important vitamins, minerals and various nutrients.  For example apples are great source of Potassium ( 195mg per medium sized apple) and other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, Lutein + zeaxanthin, and many other nutrients in small or trace amounts.

Calories in an Apple (raw with skin)

The Calories in an Apple range from approximately 53 calories for an extra small apple (2-12 inch diameter) up to about 116 calories (for a large apple of approximately 3-1/4 inch diameter). The vast majority of the calories in an applecome from carbohydrates.

The main carbohydrates are composed primarily of sugars and some fiber.  The predominant sugars that make up the total sugar calculations are sucrose, glucose (dextrose), and fructose.

For example, the breakdown of sugar in a medium apple with 18.91g of sugar is as follows: (Sucrose: 3.77g , Glucose (dextrose):  4.42, Fructose: 10.74g)

How many calories in an apple is also determined by the weight and size or preparation. Below is a chart that breaks down various common apple sizes and common preparations such as if you slice up the apples or quarter or chop them.

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